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TurboFyner™ On-Board Fuel Refining System


The TurboFyner™ (# RPM900) is a complete "on-board fuel refining system" which heats the fuel (while driving), separates water from the fuel and provides 3 micron of fuel filtration efficiency all in one compact unit. Solid billet aluminum with no plastic, O-rings, gaskets or castings.


How it works:

Fuel enters the TurboFyner™ body/base through the offset fuel inlet port and impacts against the integral fuel deflector. The fuel then continues into the Turbo Separation Chamber. Water and other contaminants are forced out against the chamber wall and onto the transition shoulder which breaks the adhesion of the water and debris in the fuel stream. Due to the low-pressure area, any separated water and contaminants then fall/flow down the outer chamber walls and into the collection sump located in the bottom of the TurboFyner™ body. These contaminants remain in the collection sump "quiet zone" low pressure area isolated from the incoming fuel stream until manual draining is performed via the drain valve. The mechanically cleaned fuel then travels upward through the transfer port and into the TurboFyner™ ultra-low restriction, 3 micron high efficiency FloMax™ final fuel filter located on top of the body. This easily replaceable, self-draining, long life FloMax™ filter removes any remaining fine (3 micron) contaminants and strips any remaining water from the fuel. The clean and dry fuel then re-enters the TurboFyner™ body and flows out through a separate, dedicated fuel outlet port.


Heated Fuel:  

The TurboFyner™ Fluid Heating Circuit functions as a high efficiency heat exchanger which is normally activated with engine coolant. The 3/8" NPT quad ports allow flexibility in the mounting and provide easy coolant line location/routing. Activating the TurboFyner™ heating circuit enhances the above mentioned process.

The incoming fuel is immediately heated upon entry and remains heated throughout the TurboFyner™ refining process. This heated fuel then enters the FloMax™ final filter located on top of the TurboFyner™ body. This unique design keeps both the fuel and filter warm as the engine is running which eliminates fuel filter waxing/icing/gelling issues caused by cold fuel while driving, common with other systems. The heated collection sump keeps water and contaminants liquid so they can be easily drained off.


Significantly reduces Operating Costs/Down-time / Fast Payback:

Keeps vehicles and engines running during adverse/severe duty/artic conditions; Extends OEM fuel filter life almost indefinitely; Eliminates fuel injector failure from contaminants due to unnecessary fuel filter changes; Prolongs fuel pump life; Allows use of #2 diesel fuel year around; Eliminates use of fuel additives: Bio-diesel/veggie/alternative fuel compatible.


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