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New, and Exclusively from FST Performance: 

RFS300 and RFS500 LavaShield™ cloth FilterShields.

- - NEW - -

Developed in the race field in conjunction with Heatshield Products™:

  • Exclusive FilterShield™ attaches to the spin-on with MagnaMount™ magnets.

  • LavaShield™ is a volcanic rock fiber-based thermal material. 

  • Helps in protecting fuel from overheating due to ambient temperatures & high heat exhaust.

  • Withstands constant temperatures of 1,200°F and intermittent temps of 2,000°F. 

  • FilterShield™  is also a great shield that helps protect against road/track debris kicked up from under the vehicle.

  • Water, oil, acid, solvent, chemical resistant.

  •  MagnaMount™ magnets tightly hold the heatshield in place and also help trap metallic contaminates inside the filter to the (inside) can side, away from the filter media. Easy slide-on, easy pull-off the spin-on. 

  • Made 100% in America...sold around the world, made in the USA. 

Part number RFS300 FilterShield™ fits the FST FloMax™ spin-on RF500.
RF500 is the FloMax™ filter spin-on that fits the RPM300 and the RPM350 filter systems. $121.95
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 Performance® LAVA Cloth™ Heat & protection shields
RFS300 - FST Performance® HEATSHIELD forRFS300 spin-on.
RFS500 - FST Performance® HEATSHIELD forRF500M spin-on.

Part number RFS500 FilterShield™ fits the larger FST FloMax™ spin-on RF500M.
RF500M is the FloMax filter spin-on that fits the RPM500 and the RPM560 filter systems. $129.95 
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"NEW" Calif Prop 65 warning

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


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