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RPM900 diesel TurboFyner™ fuel refining & heat system

Fuel line Fitting Kits available:

Part # 10100232 
= if you have 5/16" fuel lines - $20.95 (2 Black fittings/ 1 IN - 1 OUT)

Part # 10100332 = if you have 3/8" fuel lines - $20.95 (2 Black fittings/ 1 IN - 1 OUT)

# RPM900 TurboFyner Diesel Fuel Refiner & Filter System


The system that started it all (Ramco Performance); The RPM900 is a compact, high flow / low restriction / water separating fuel refining system that filters down to 3 microns and heats fuel while driving

A "must" in the bio-diesel/veggie/alternative fuel arena.(see following page for more info).


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  • Overall Compact Size: 10.5” tall x 3.5” wide x 3.5” deep

  • Weighs:  64 oz

  • Base: 6061-T6 billet aluminum base/manifold. Not a casting. Anodized Red. Mounting holes: 3/8" - 2 inches center to center.

  • Flow: 200 gallons per hour

  • Filtering: 3 Micron FloMax™ media (petroleum or bio-diesel / vegetable oil)

  • Filter media surface: 427 sq in!! FloMax™ enhanced water-stripping cellulose.

  • Water Separation: Fuel “crashes & swirls” through base, separating fuel from water. Water settles down in base, fuel goes up through filter.

  • Burst: 250 psi

  • Ports: ½” NPT fuel IN & OUT ports and 3/8” NPT fluid ‘heat’ ports / Water drain port.

  • Heats Fuel: 3/8” Heater ports = Use engine coolant fluid for heat source for fuel heating while engine is running feature. Stops fuel "gelling" while operating. A must with veggie/bio fuel.

  • (Base) Manufactured from solid 6061-T6 billet aluminum / no castings.

  • Replacement FloMax™ spin-on type filter: (# RF900D) for ease of changing. Nothing to service or clean out, eliminating the chance for fuel system contamination. A leader in bio-diesel.


The “TurboFyner™” is an on-board diesel fuel refiner system that filters fuel, separates water from fuel, and heats fuel during cold weather operations. Price: $327.95


“Takes the CRAP out of your fuel"


Completely manufactured in the U.S.A.

Calif Prop 65 warning

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


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