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"NEW" FST Performance® grip & fuel catch cup for RF500M
"NEW" FST Performance® grip & fuel catch cup for RF500M

NEW FST Performance # FGC500 "Fuel" Filter Grip & CatchCup

The # FGC500 is a compact, easy-grip fuel filter cup that makes it easy to grip the fuel filter and stop fuel from spilling over your hands, engine compartment, or boat bilge

  • Compact & Flexible: 5 1/4" Tall-deep x 4" Wide (bottom) x 6" Wide (at top).

  • Weights: 10oz

  • Red: PVC with 2nd Dip of rough Black PVC for easy gripping.

  • Helps: to stop spillage in changing area, engine compartment, and/or boat bilge.

  • Designed for: FST's RF500M spin-on and/or Mercury® Racing's 8M0000202 spin-on fuel filters only (or fuel filters of same size).

  • Designed and Made in the USA

  • Part NO: FGC500

  • MSRP: $28.95

FST Performance® HEATSHIELD for RF300 & RF500M spin-ons

FST Performance® # RFS300 & RFS500 Spin-on FilterShield™
The New RFS300 and RFS500 is a compact, high temperature shield, designed in conjunction with Heatshield™ Products.

  • Part Number: RFS300 Fits: FST Perf / FloMax™ # RF500 spin-on.

  • Part Number: RFS500 Fits: FSTPerf / FloMax™ # RF500M spin-on.

  • Exclusive: Lava™ Shield cloth and MagnaMount™ Technology attaching magnets.

  • Lava™ Shield: Exclusive volcanic rock fiber-based thermal barrier material. Can withstand constant temperatures of 1200°F and intermittent temps up to 2000°F. 

  • MagnaMount™: Magnets tightly hold the heatshield in place & help trap metallic contaminates inside the filter. Also allows for easy slide On - easy pull Off the spin-on.

  • FilterShield™ also helps to protect the spin-on from damage due to road/track debris kicked up from under the vehicle. Used on several Off-road winning race vehicles.

  • Helps to protect fuel from overheating due to ambient temperature and high heat exhaust.

  • Temperature Rating: 1,200°F continuous - 2,000°F intermittent.

  • Water, oil, acid, solvent, chemical resistant.

  • Exclusively available only from Filter Solutions Technologies / FST Performance® and developed in conjunction with Heatshield Products™ in the race field.

  • Made: 100% American made. Sold around the world, made in the USA.

  • Price MSRP: RFS300 = $121.95 / RFS500 = $129.95

FST Performance® HEATSHIELD for RFS300 spin-on
FST Performance® HEATSHIELD for RFS500 spin-on

Part number RFS300 FilterShield™ fits the FST FloMax™ spin-on RF500.
RF300 is the FloMax™ filter spin-on that fits the RPM300 and the RPM350 (pictured) filter systems. MSRP: $121.95

Part number RFS500 FilterShield™ fits the larger FST FloMax™ spin-on RF500M.
RF500M is the FloMax filter spin-on that fits the RPM500 (pictured) and the RPM560 filter systems. MSRP: $129.95

NPT - Barbed Fuel line fittings for RPM300 & RPM900 (do NOT fit RPM350 or RPM500)

  • 5/16 inch fuel line = part # 10100232

  • 3/8 inch fuel line = part # 10100332

 Both part numbers are two (2) fittings per kit / 1 for IN and 1 for OUT ports.

 Both kits are MSRP $20.95 each.


Calif Prop 65 warning

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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