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RPM300 fuel filter system
New fittings available

Fitting kits available:

Part # 10100232 = if you have 5/16" fuel lines - $20.95 (2 black fittings/1 IN - 1 OUT)


Part # 10100332 = if you have 3/8" fuel lines - $20.95 (2 black fittings/ 1 IN - 1 OUT)

These kits fit only our RPM300. They do NOT fit RPM350 or 500.

# RPM300 “Fuel” Filter System


The RPM300 is a compact, high flow/low restriction system that filters down to 4 microns, unheard of in the performance/racing industry.


To order, go to the "Order Page" or click on  

  • Overall Compact Size: 4 ¼” tall x 3” wide x 3 ¾” deep

  • Weighs: 19 oz

  • Base/Manifold: Red, Billet 6061-T6 aluminum base/manifold. Not a casting. Mounting holes: 7/16" - 2 inches center to center

  • Stainless steel filter adaptor

  • Flow: 300 gallons per hour (1,800 - 1,875 lbs per hour) 

  • Filtering: 4 Micron FloMax™ media (gasoline-methanol-ethanol compatible!)

  • Filter media surface: 183 sq in. FloMax™ enhanced water-stripping cellulose.

  • Water Separation: FloMax™ Actually separates water to the “quiet” zone for water & heavy contaminates to settle. Not water blocking (which actually blocks the fuel).

  • Burst: 250 psi (ideal for fuel injection or carburetor)

  • Ports: Multiple (2-In, 2-Out) ½” NPT (pipe thread) so that brass fittings can be used to splice into your existing fuel line and the ability to add accessories like fuel pressure gauges, etc.

  • Replacement FloMax™ spin-on type filter: (# RF300) for ease of changing. Nothing to service or clean out, eliminating the chance for fuel system contamination.


High flow & highly efficient filtration make the FloMax™ filter systems the most innovative and efficient fuel filter systems ever built. The RPM300 is very popular in the Jeep and small marine/pleasure boat markets. Price: $159.95


“Takes the Crap out of your fuel"


Completely hand assembled in the U.S.A with specific filter materials from various countries.

Calif prop 65 warning

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


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